I provide a number of services-for-hire. Services may be billed on retainer, hourly, project – or – for some development projects, by revenue sharing. Interested in working with me? Send a note.

I do many things, but here is what I’m up to currently:

Software design and development. I build applications (or, more affectionatly, “apps”) for hire. I develop exclusively for iOS (iPad, iPhone), using Apple’s SDK and lingua franca, Objective-C. Code is poetry.

Mac systems and network administration. Client and server deployments, directory services, enterprise integrations, systems analysis.

Information architecture. I build databases that power websites and business applications. I do this in FileMaker Pro or MySQL.

Generally intuitive with technology and am happy to provide technical insights into achieving unique and one-off projects that don’t fit easily into other categories.

I probably do these things for less than you’re already paying – but of course, you’d be hiring me because I’m better at it. You may inquire here.


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