I build apps for iPhones and iPad using Objective-C and Apple’s iOS SDK exclusively.

Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Takeaway Tweets

Takeaway Tweets is a novelty app that wraps the wisdom of Twitter into deliciously consumed fortune cookies. You can read more about it at TakeawayTweets.com, or read more about it here.










A handy iPad application for tracking the progress of projects in an audio recording studio. Define projects, songs, and instruments with the ability to indicate as tracking, editing, overdubbing, and mixing are completed. In addition to indicating the status of user-defined milestones, this app also reminds the user to always check for certain common characteristics and avoid potential pitfalls at each at each stage of the recording process.


Detail Basics Recording View

Project Selection Interface
















Stanley Mows the Lawn

Illustrator and children’s author Craig Frazier’s beloved book, now developed for iPad. Users can navigate this title as well as samples of upcoming titles, record themselves reading aloud with full automated playback and page-turning functionality. Additionally includes an animated short and a game allowing users to help Stanley mow with their own unique styled pattern.


Book Page Detail View

Help Stanley Mow Game View









If you’d like support for an app I’ve developed, please check the support page.


One Response to Apps

  1. Marcelo says:

    I really like RecCheck. It has been helpful for me to keep track of projects I am working on. It’s easy to use and makes it possible to see the status of the entire album at a glance.

    The graphics are well done and fun.

    It would be helpful if the common characteristics at the bottom of each page could be defined by the user.

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